New Classic Sonic Footage from Sonic Forces

A showcase of the second gameplay style.

SEGA has just released new footage of their upcoming multi-platform game Sonic Forces. It features the returning character Classic Sonic racing through Green Hill Zone, except the stage bears some new aesthetics. The sparkling water has been replaced with flowing falls of sand and the badniks have received some futuristic upgrades.

Classic Sonic retains his spin dash, as usual, and appears to play exactly like his incarnation from 2011’s Sonic Generations. Classic Sonic will be one of the three gameplay styles offered in Sonic Team’s high speed platformer. The other two styles will be playable through Modern Sonic and an unannounced third character. SEGA has stated that this mystery character will be unveiled at E3 2017.

The video comes from the Sonic The Hedgehog Official Youtube Channel.

Sonic Forces releases for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and PC during Holiday 2017. Will you be picking it up when it hits shelves? Let us know in the comments!

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