A Terry-fic New Fighter Joins Smash Bros. – CC046

Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters has arrived to bring the Ryu-style pain to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In this episode we’re discussing his playstyle mechanics, combos, special moves, and more!

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The New Smash Ultimate Update and Joker – CC030

The Smash Ultimate 3.0.0 Update is out and you know what that means… Stage Builder! Oh and Joker, too. In this episode we will be discussing how well the new character and features of the update turned out.

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At Podfest 2019 I had the opportunity to interview William Coldwell, who is the host of the recently launched podcast “The 21st Rewrite“. He analyzes the history and authors of screenplays from 2000 onward.

I got to interview with Jonathan Holmes, the developer of Circuit Dude on Steam.

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Don’t Miss Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on Cube Command Gaming!

A while ago Nick and I started Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on the Cube Command YouTube Channel! Don’t miss a single episode, because we’ll be going through the entire Uncharted Collection 1-4! It’s going to be a wild ride, so stick around! Here’s the first episode to get you started:

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Playing some Special Smash Battles!

Definitely chaotic.

Things are bound to go wild when we mess with the Special Smash settings in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U! (Plus items!)

Part 1:


Part 2:


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